[Free Download] 75+ Ideas to Commemorate Your Ministry Anniversary

Resonate celebrated its 7th anniversary last Friday, April 1.

Why would a company choose April Fools’ Day as their launch date? I’m not sure, but for some odd reason we did. Weird, I know. Little known fact—Apple also chose April 1, 40 years ago, to launch their company. So maybe it wasn’t all that foolish. :)

But just overlook our foolishness and help us continue the celebration by downloading these 75+ Ideas to Commemorate Your Ministry Anniversary.


  • Forge a stronger relationship with key community and business leaders
  • Establish a new and different holistic way to help the homeless
  • Create a year-long series of events designed to engage your community
  • Plus many more …


  • Launch a new ministry emphasis
  • Create a series of events geared toward cross-generational engagement
  • Develop and kick off a new social media strategy
  • Plus many more …


  • Overhaul your guest-experience ministry purposes and approach
  • Renovate your existing ministry facilities
  • Repave and freshly stripe your existing parking lot
  • Plus many more …

P.S. Though not exhaustive, these ideas flow out of years of experience helping amazing ministries throughout the country. Please share them!


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Kerry Bural loves helping ministries, nonprofits, churches, schools and leaders gain momentum and enlarge their footprint. He and his wife, Deborah, reside in Tennessee with their two sons and live near their beautiful daughter and son-in-law.