ENGAGE: How to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships through Social Media


By Kerry Bural

If you’ve tried to build your ministry, nonprofit, school, church or personal brand through social media, but still aren’t seeing the results you desire, then you may have overlooked something vital to building growing, thriving communities of faith—the need to better engage people, go deeper in your relationships, and resonate with your audience.

Unfortunately, the nature of social media reinforces surface connections instead of deep and meaningful relationships. But connections alone won’t cut it.

Excerpts from ENGAGE below …

Is ENGAGE right for you?

If you can answer “Yes!” to any of the following, this book will be perfect for you:

• My ministry audience is deep but not wide.

• I’ve bought every social media book on the market and my audience and networks still aren’t growing.

• I have a few committed followers, but not a wide-enough base of engaged partners to help carry out my ministry to its fullest.

• My ministry audience is wide but not deep.

• I’m social media savvy and have successfully grown my ministry’s online presence. But, I have very few consistent, committed followers who partner with us in advancing our mission.

Excerpt: The Relational Resonance Model

God calls us to relate to real people with real needs. This model symbolizes how to do ministry and impacts everything you do.

It’s about how you build strong, enduring relationships, focusing on the broader principles behind relationship-building.

Resonance isn’t the number of your Twitter followers or Facebook fans. It doesn’t have much to do with your Klout stats or Google ranking either.

Resonance is dynamic, compelling, and irresistible.

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Excerpt: The shallow end of a relationship

As a ministry leader, you’ve probably attended a networking event in the last year and introduced yourself to others. Whether out of courtesy or intentionality, you initiated a relationship with another person.

In fact, you probably initiate dozens of personal relationships each day—at the coffee shop, at your kid’s little league game, at ministry conferences, at community events, etc.

But there’s a problem with the first stage of this model: most people get stuck in the shallow end of a relationship.

Another excerpt from ENGAGE

The question many ministries find themselves struggling with is this: “How do we keep ministry personal in a digital culture?” Social media has fundamentally changed the way we invest in relationships and engage with others.

On Twitter, “conversations” occur in increments of 140 characters or less. On Facebook, discussions about recent events and ministry ideas occur between “friends” that may have never met in person. Living in a digital “community” means connections that used to be largely personal are suddenly not.

Engage helps you think differently about how to leverage social media for deepening online ministry relationships.

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