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You know that moment when someone just “gets it” about you and your mission, and they decide to connect with you?

We call this the Resonance Factor℠. As the Resonance Factor kicks in, the right dynamics play out and good things just happen.

Sure, it’s intangible—but it’s incredibly real—and even more powerful. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

When Resonance happens, people want to know more about you and to engage with you. The door is now open for you to relate to them.

As you relate well to them, they are drawn in and want to join your cause, volunteer to help you, and/or support you financially.

Your influence grows. You are happy. Your team is happy. Your key stakeholders are happy. You Resonate with more people, and more people are impacted.

That’s how you Resonate, and it’s that simple.

Well, actually it’s not that simple to make happen, but it is that simple to get your head around and pursue. What’s simple to understand isn’t always easy to implement. Making it happen definitely requires experience, hustle and grit—and that’s where we come in.

See it? Want it?


So, exactly how do we help you Resonate?


To Resonate, you must discern how well you're connecting. We can help.

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STEP ONE is about discerning how well you’re growing your brand footprint and resonating with those you’re trying to reach.

To jumpstart our work together, we recommend our Resonate Brand Assessment℠ to identify gaps in your daily communication practices, systems, processes, channels, effectiveness and resources.

We’ve carefully crafted the assessment to take thorough inventory of your current brand assets and activities, such as your identity, online presence, social media, marketing strategies, and more.

We can also conduct internal and external research to gain deeper insights into who you are and how well the communities you are cultivating feel connected to you.

Once the assessment and research have been conducted, we will either write a short reflections document with a recommended path forward or compile our research findings into a full report—or both, depending on your chosen package.

Once we mutually understand your realities, we’ll help you discern what areas can be optimized for maximum impact.

That’s how you Resonate.



To Resonate, you must clarify your vision and what makes you unique. We can help.

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STEP TWO is about helping you clarify your uniqueness so you can connect more deeply and move more people to action.

It’s no surprise that you really are unique, and so is your vision. You know it. Others know it. You also believe in your heart of hearts that more people need to know it—and you are right.

But, to connect more deeply and move people to action you must Resonate.

That’s why we’re all about helping you shape and build your vision into a compelling, strategic and innovative brand that Resonates.

Through our proprietary Resonate Strategic Brand Framework℠ and infamous whiteboard exercises, we drill down with you and your team to wrap our brains around who you are and what you’re all about.

Think of it as “finding yourself,” but you won’t have to see your counselor for it to happen.

We help you answer questions like who are we, what do we actually do, why do we do what we do, and for whom do we do it? We then write a reflections document to summarize our findings.

Our goal is to help you eradicate ambiguities so that answers to the most important questions become crystal clear. We also help you articulate what is foggy in such a way that it both syncs with your vision, and connects meaningfully with your community.

That’s how you Resonate.


  • Kerry is an unbelievable resource. He brings an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to the table which helps me consistently achieve the expectations of my clients. He works hard to ensure my clients are satisfied which makes my job just a little easier.

    When it comes to branding, identity, and digital development, I call Resonate®—and you should too!

    Ben StroupSVP Fundraising Communications, Pursuant
  • Kerry is a generous leader. He's one of the sharpest minds in Kingdom-building I know, but Kerry isn't satisfied with simply being brilliant.

    He wants to give back. He wants to invest in the next generation of leaders. Kerry believes in people and wants to make lives better for all.

    This is a seasoned, genuine, humble leader. God can use a guy like this! And He is!

    Ron EdmondsonLead Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church
  • Working with Kerry and Resonate® on our Capture book project has been absolutely amazing.

    From the creative brainstorming, to implementing the right strategy, and down to the to the nuts an bolts making a dream a reality Resonate® has assembled a team of not only incredibly creative people but with the talents to make vision reality.

    If you have a project that you want maximum impact on I highly recommend him to you!

    Terry WeaverOwner, Fuselage
  • Kerry is an energetic and passionate businessman whose experience and wisdom are obvious after the first 5 minutes you spend with him.

    He is gracious, articulate, and positively exudes integrity. You can trust that Kerry will do as he says, look out for your best interests, and do whatever he puts his hand to with excellence.

    Russell HawkinsDev Team Lead, Faithlife
  • Resonate's passionate commitment to excellence from initial consult to product delivery strategically optimized our ministry impact.

    Kate FinleyFormer Vice President for Development, Criswell College
  • Resonate® is savvy and gifted. They understand the science and art of branding, marketing and public relations.

    Lee WeeksPastor and Writer
  • Kerry is an amazingly creative and innovative thinker. I have had the privilege many times in the past to tap into that great creative energy. We have accomplished a ton of cool projects due to his and Resonate's creative abilities.

    Craig MartinDirector, International Mission Board
  • I hired Kerry and The Resonate Group® to create new web portal and business image package for my law practice. They were great to work with and their customer service and timing top notch. My only regret is not providing my content to them more quickly!

    I highly recommend Kerry and his company for a professional and great looking product!

    Jesse PaineAttorney, Paine Law Firm
  • Kerry Bural and the team at Resonate®, are experts at helping churches clarify who they are.

    But, they don't stop there. They will help you develop a communication strategy and take it all the way to execution. A plan is no good if it never gets implemented.

    Kerry understands ministry and how to ask relevant questions to take you to the next level.

    Randy OngieVP of Operations, MAG Bookkeeping, Inc.
  • Once The Resonate Group® entered my world, everything changed for the better. Those guys are thinkers!

    Tony NolanNational Speaker and Author
  • Kerry is a visionary thinker and brand builder for ministries. His can-do attitude, deep knowledge of ministry opportunities and obstacles, along with his heart for helping ministries reach their communication goals make him a valuable consultant.

    Tina BembryUndergraduate Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
    Vanderbilt University
  • Kerry is wise and insightful. He gets to work on cool projects. He writes an awesome blog at ResonateOrDie® and serves as Principal of The Resonate Group®.

    He's an encourager, a good coach, and a go to specialist in the field of church and ministry communications. You need to know Kerry.

    Brandon CoxLead Pastor & Church Planter, Grace Hills Church
  • Working with The Resonate Group® has been a joy and we will use them again. They understand us and developed an identity that perfectly reflects our ministry.

    Scott YirkaLead Pastor, Hibernia Baptist Church
  • Resonate® really helped us gain greater clarity about what we were saying and what we were trying to accomplish. 

    Kerry helped us at a key point in our Vision 2020 strategy to reach young adults for Christ by helping us evaluate and clarify our objectives then connecting us with an amazing consultant specializing in the field. His work was invaluable in helping us move forward.

    Dr. Craig A. WebbPastor for Vision and Purpose, The Glade Church
  • After a two-day consult time, Kerry was able to carve a niche for our school and pull our various insights to one big vision.

    I was impressed by his innovative approach to marketing—not your typical, traditional plan! He uses all platforms available to implement the plan. We plan to hire him for additional work in the near future.

    Claudia PearmanDirector of Admissions, Providence Christian Academy
  • Our project met unexpected roadblocks and Resonate® was insightful, flexible and determined to resolve them. Not only are Kerry and his team professionals, they're friends.

    T. Patrick HudsonDirector of Communications, Midwestern Seminary
  • Resonate® takes customer service beyond excellent to outstanding. They came alongside and helped develop my ministry with integrity, elegance and passion.

    Lyn SmithAuthor and Speaker, Solid Foundations Ministry
  • Kerry is the epitome of an executive who leads through passion and creative ingenuity.

    I had the privilege of speaking with Kerry and gaining invaluable training in marketing, promotion, networking, branding and creating DNA that represents the heart of my organization.

    I would highly recommend partnering with The Resonate Group®.

    Colleen BatchelderSpeaker and Founder, Recklessly Abandoned Ministries
  • Through Kerry's coaching, I gained clarity in the purpose of marketing, and the potential it has to affect the lives of people in a positive way.

    The term "marketing" can sometimes leave a bad taste in the mouths of some people—but Kerry reminded me that we are presenting the most life-giving, hope-filled message: Christ is Lord—and He deserves our best.

    More than a Marketing Mentor or Coach, Kerry became a friend who truly invested his heart into our organization and me.

    Leah CarreonCommunications Director, Faith Assembly Church
  • Kerry is a passionate creative, who invests strategically in the success of his clients. He gives generously of his time and expertise, achieving excellent results.

    Lyn SmithSpeaker and Author, Solid Foundations Ministry
  • Kerry is a design, marketing and public relations expert—humble in character, focused on details and perceptive in design. Kerry is articulate, knowledgeable and on time—a leader with class, integrity and unbeatable ethics.

    I recommend Kerry for any art direction, public relations, coaching or difficult marketing project. Whether online, traditional or integrating the two, Kerry is Class A for the job.

    Jennifer NoreneProgram Manager, Microsoft
  • We wholeheartedly recommend The Resonate Group®. They bring their ‘A game’ and combine creativity with class.

    Dr. Dan DeWittDean of Students, Boyce College, Southern Seminary
  • Hiring Kerry was one of the smartest decisions of my career. Really.

    He brought incredible energy, insight and creativity to our needs. He is a great listener, has a keen wit, and even laughed at MY jokes. That last bit alone qualifies him as a great asset. And perhaps a little bit crazy too!

    If you need a creative, thoughtful counselor, who knows marketing and branding, Kerry Bural and Resonate® are the right choice.

    Joe BrandConsultant at Generis
    Owner, JBA
  • When Kerry is placed into the mix the environment gets instantly more creative and strategic. The yield of using Resonate® is measurable results. You can't afford not to hire them.

    Devin MaddoxB&H Christian Living and Leadership Publisher
    LifeWay Christian Resources
  • Kerry Bural and his team are the masters at integrating web solutions with strategy, marketing and creativity.

    Harold HarperExecutive Pastor
  • The Resonate Group® has a servant’s heart and passion for excellence. I highly recommend them to you.

    Dr. Bob JollyLead Pastor, FBC Cumming, GA
  • Kerry Bural’s knowledge of branding and marketing is extensive and he's been crucial in helping us with messaging, marcom design, web design, and branding.

    He and his team are incredibly responsive and go beyond just fulfilling requests. They are a true part of our team, helping us think through all things marketing. They’ve really helped us establish our brand equity and awareness as our business continues to grow.

    Bill DeMartiniDirector of Marketing, MAG Bookkeeping
  • We had a great day with Kerry. Like a good movie, he made us laugh, he made us think and he made me cry. I highly suggest you use him.

    Jeff ChandlerPastor and Speaker
  • Resonate® has a great ability to take a vision and quickly turn it into something tangible and functional. Their work is excellent and their solutions are simple and effective.

    Jessica WolstenholmSenior Brand Manager, Creative Trust
  • It is always a joy to work with you. You have the unique combination of being on the bleed edge and at the same time possess the heart of a servant of God. You stand alone.

    Dr. Kenyn CuretonVP for Church Ministries, Family Research Council
  • At Resonate, we’re super driven to bring high value to people who are passionate and serious about impacting humanity with the Gospel.

    Kerry BuralPrincipal, Resonate
  • I've known of Kerry for several years. I now KNOW Kerry as one of our "go to" partners in our business.

    I've been impressed with Kerry since our first day of consulting with him. He took me and my team to school on "brand equity" and the power of it. Since then, both he and his quality team consistently produce responsive results in several aspects of marketing and branding for our businesses.

    Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Kerry and Resonate® to you. You can thank me later.

    Bryan MilesCEO and Founder, Miles Advisory Group
  • Kerry is one of those people who inspires you the moment you meet him. He helps churches clarify vision and, as he says, expand their footprint. I love that. Churches can truly benefit by his expertise and knowledge.

    I strongly suggest you follow Kerry if you are serious about making a difference for Christ.

    Scott CouchenourPresident and CEO, Cogun, Inc.
  • Walking with a church through needed change requires both people and branding skills. Resonate® has both.

    Dr. Thomas HatleyLead Pastor, Global Outreach Center
  • With Kerry and the entire Resonate Group®, you get a team of folks who are committed to combining strategy with creative.

    To get a successful end product and something viable to work with, you need both. Having a list of creative ideas but no way to implement them doesn't help, just like a strategy filled with dull, boring tactics does no good. Resonate® gets that. They know that both must work in tandem, and they have a comprehensive approach to gain full clarity.

    In the end, the Resonate® delivers a detailed plan for organizations to implement with success.

    Joe DudeckPrincipal, Keyhole Marketing
  • Kerry Bural did a great job leading us through a branding process for Aspen Group.

    As a result of his leadership, we have refreshed our brand and launched an "Inbound Marketing" strategy. We are already experiencing significant impact from both efforts. Our trust in the marketplace is growing along with revenue and backlog.

    Kerry was comfortable to work with and brought real IP that shifted our thinking. A great guy who brought us great results.

    Ed BahlerCEO, Aspen Group & FBi Buildings
  • The Southern Seminary Communications Team and I have found Kerry to be a true asset. His insight, knowledge and services in the areas of branding, marketing and media have resonated with the entire Southern campus.

    Jared HallalOwner and Graphic Designer, Crescent Moon Productions
  • Kerry has done a marvelous job of showing his grasp of the issues that ministries face with his writing of ResonateOrDie. I look forward to each email and gleaning his practical thoughts.

    Denny BatesFounder, Something New Ministries

To Resonate, you need superb strategy and creativity. We can help.

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STEP THREE is about helping you amp up your strategic and creative game, by infusing the right ingredients and talent into your world.

Once you decide you really want to Resonate, we walk with you to infuse integrative written strategies, exceptional creativity, and pure talent. We step into your stream, learn where you currently are, and pour our efforts into just the right strategic and creative places.

That’s just how we do business. Not flippantly, but with straight up, thoughtful and deliberate advice and productivity. Check out our team, services and work.

We’ve been shaping brands for decades and are blessed to have worked with some great clients—including ministries, nonprofits, schools, churches and leaders.

Over the years, we’ve each worn multiple hats in various brand development roles and industries—which means we bring a lot to the table. Check out some of our clients and what they have to say.

Just think of building your brand like making a layered cake. Follow a proven recipe, coupled with the right ingredients and hard work—and bam—your chances of making something really tasty go up dramatically.

That’s how you Resonate—with our proven recipe, the right ingredients and plain ole’ hard work.



To Resonate, you must intentionally drive toward coherent objectives. We can help.

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STEP FOUR is about helping you execute sensible tactics with focused and consistent intensity, to cultivate growth and build momentum.

Expanding your footprint and impact is about moving objectives and tactics forward—it’s about drive.

One of the greatest compliments we’ve received from clients is how grateful they are for how we drive projects forward and get things done.

We were honored that they recognized our efforts. But, this isn’t about us, it’s about you.

To build your brand so it flourishes and draws people in on a continual basis, you will need to drive forward with intensity (or is it better labeled insanity?).

To do so, we’ll help you build a production roadmap, then tap into cloud-based project tracking tools to meticulously execute the details.