What We Do

Brand strategy development

We can help strengthen your brand and assist you in developing ways to continue to build upon it.

Brand identity development

We help you build your visual and written reflection of your ministry’s personality through brand identity development.

Vision, mission and values shaping

We help you understand, clarify and articulate your vision, mission and values for internal and external communication.

Creative direction and graphic design

We shape your ongoing identity elements in a way that aligns well with your DNA, Vision, Mission and Values. We focus on continuity, consistency and cohesion.

Logo and wordmark development

We handcraft custom elements to present your unique personality to the communities you are cultivating.

Online presence planning, design and development

We work through our proven Resonate Sites Launch Sequence to plan, design, develop, launch and manage a stellar online presence to show your heart to the communities you are cultivating.

Cloud and mobile app development

We conceptualize thoughtful and deliberate interface design that yields a fluid user experience. We develop Mobile and SaaS solutions dialed to your specific app needs.

Content marketing strategy and execution

We help you shape strategic objectives and tactics geared toward building a robust content generation and delivery process for you to expand your digital footprint on an ongoing basis.

Marketing strategy development

We help you determine the best ways to reach out to your audience so they know what you can offer them. We then help you develop a strategic playbook to follow as you grow your footprint.


Social media strategies and execution

We help you find your voice and niche within social media so your message is not drowned out by all the white noise. We also help you consistently communicate through multiple social media channels and mediums.

Signature event development

We create, produce and develop events that not only cultivate amazing experiences for attendees, but also reinforce the objectives you care most deeply about.

Tradeshow and exhibit experience development

We develop tradeshow and exhibit environments that facilitate intriguing experiences for attendees and generate leads for your organization.

Environmental and experience design

We create custom illustrations, hand-crafted typography and video and motion elements to create an environment that is welcoming and speaks to your brand.

Guest experience optimization

We conduct multiple walk-throughs in your facilities to discern and optimize your environment for first-time guests. This first impression is a vital part to ensuring returning guests.

Way-finding and directional campus signage

We survey your campus and facilities to discern traffic flow patterns and help you design and develop scalable signage systems that assist with enhancing the guest experience. We also work with sign fabrication and installation vendors to ensure ADA compliance and to steward project feasibility and budgets.

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